My paintings are based on the belief that the concept of painting should always be painting itself. Every sub concept or imagery is subservient to it, but at the same time paint relies on these sub concepts or images to endorse or underline the painterly process.

By using different subjects, I want to question the relevance of the depicted image and how it needs to be painted. I consider the act of painting to be a philosophical enterprise where figurative and formal elements are combined to form a complex system. My works are often built up in different layers and touches of paint, each claiming their own place within the canvas. Poetic brushstrokes alternate with filth, absurdity, humour and self-mockery. They are put up against each other in a way that contradicts or accentuates. I consider the work neither figurative nor formal. It’s rather exploring the area that lies between abstraction and representation.

Artist that inspire me are among others: Roger Raveel, Walter Swennen, Marc Chagall, Raoul De Keyser, Mel Bochner and Jonathan Meese.